lunes, abril 17, 2006

Microsoft JDBC

Si, por alguna casualidad de vuestra existencia, os encontráis en la necesidad de acceder a un SQLServer 2000 desde Java, ¡ciudado! con la versión de Windows:
Trying to install the setup.exe on Windows we immediately recognised that we don't know what the installation program exactly does (registry?) and additionally we get about 30 DLLs. That's not what we want!

JDBC does not need any installation or environmental settings. The other thing is that we don't want to have DLLs, instead a pure Java driver, that's the thing we are looking for!

Inside the Solaris mssqlserver.tar file it looks much better. Why not taking the required jar files out of this tar? If it is pure Java it will run on Windows too! ... and it does.
Os recomiendo encarecidamente que utilicéis esta guía del JDBC de Microsoft. Son cochinos hasta el fin...